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At MyEnergy we are electricians and engineers. When you talk with us you are not talking to a salesperson or a consultant. With 45 years of combined experience, we approach this business with a technical perspective as opposed to a marketing perspective. You are talking with people that work with and understand the technology and will help you design, install and service your project.

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MyEnergy specialise in designing & installing solar powered systems to homes, businesses and remote areas where it is too expensive to have the grid connected. Not everyone’s power requirements are the same. There is no one size fits all. At MyEnergy we will design a system to suit you and to get you the best possible outcome

By giving us a call today and discussing your power requirements at MyEnergy we can design, manufacture, install and commission any size system with our fully licensed and accredited employees. Not everyone’s power requirements are the same, At MyEnergy we design to suit your individual needs.

We care about our customers and our community. When you choose to go solar with us you are not just making a quality investment, you are helping employ local people and supporting local business. We guarantee we’ll be competitive, give sound, professional advice and most of all – we’ll look after you.

Living in a remote area where mains electricity isn’t available or costs enough to burn a hole in your pocket? Consider a stand-alone solar power system! We buy and install the top brands at the best prices.

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