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Innamincka Hotel, SA

Innamincka Hotel is in the remote far North East of South Australia. 15 hours from Adelaide the road is unsealed for the last 500km. The Hotel comprises a heritage bar, large restaurant, 14 room motel, staff accommodation and a laundry.

The off-grid power system consists of the following:

  • 200kWp of solar PV and 277kWh of BYD Premium 15.4 Batteries

  • Diesel runtime reduced from 24hrs / day to 2-3 hrs / day (winter)

  • Reduced fuel consumption from 500-600 Litres/day to 100 Litres per day

  • Expensive routine diesel maintenance reduced from four to one time per month

  • Investment payback approx. 4 years, then approx. 80% of total Hotel energy requirement is free for remaining system life

  • BESS battery bank comprises 18 x 15.4kWh (usable) clusters. Each cluster includes 3 x BYD 15.4 Premium Batteries connected to 6 x SMA 24kW rated three phase sunny island cluster


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