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Juice Energy Subscription Service (JESS)

MyEnergy Engineering, in collaboration with Juice Energy, introduces the Juice Energy Subscription Service (JESS), a tailored solution crafted to assist businesses, especially those located in remote or off-grid areas, in their transition to Net Zero energy. We understand that the path to Net Zero is unique for each enterprise, and it can be particularly challenging for those not connected to the conventional power grid.

JESS simplifies this journey, enabling businesses and farms to instantly reap the benefits of Net Zero energy. This service is designed to eliminate financial hurdles, as it requires no initial investment or ongoing costs. Instead, JESS operates on a straightforward, fixed monthly subscription fee. This innovative approach allows your business to consume as much energy as needed without the concerns of continuous monitoring, maintenance, or replacing parts. Everything is comprehensively covered for the duration of the subscription, ensuring a hassle-free and sustainable energy solution tailored to your business needs.

The Important Key Factors

Reduce diesel costs​

Powering machinery, like irrigation pumps, with renewable energy instead of diesel fuelled generators will dramatically reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Reduce electricity costs​​

Installing a solar and battery energy storage solution (BESS), can reduce you electricity bill by up to 50%.

Reduce carbon emissions

Replacing coal-fired power, gas and diesel with clean, renewable energy significantly reduces your carbon footprint and helps meet the Scope 3 decarbonisation targets your customers demand.

Improve your wellbeing​

Using dirty and noisy diesel fuel less often is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your wellbeing reducing noise pollution and those late night generator refills!

Why Choose Us?

Our Experience

The MyEnergy Team has years of experience working with various energy technologies, including solar, diesel, and battery storage systems. We use our knowledge and expertise to design and install systems that are reliable, efficient, and tailored to your needs.


Expert Installation & Advice

We use only our own CEC accreditted designers and installers, not contractors. Our team of experienced electricians and engineers has been working extensively with power systems since 2010, so rest assured that you'll be dealing with knowledgeable professionals who can help you design and install your project. 



Off-grid power systems must be reliable to ensure you have access to power when needed. Our systems are designed and built to operate efficiently, even in extreme weather conditions. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.


Industry Leading Brands

We carefully select products that have a solid reputation for long-term reliability and peace of mind for our customers.


CEC Approved Retailer

We are a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Retailer. We follow the highest specifications in solar service, delivery of products and installation.


Tailored Solutions

We understand that every home and business has unique energy needs, and we work with you to design a custom off-grid power system that meets those needs. Our customised solutions consider factors such as your energy usage, location, and budget to ensure that you have a system optimised for your specific requirements.


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