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Our Partners

MyEnergy Engineering is at the forefront of driving sustainable energy solutions through strategic partnerships. Our collaborations span across a spectrum of industry-leading companies and specialists in renewable energy, each bringing unique expertise and innovative technologies to the table. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective energy solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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Juice Energy

Specialising in renewable energy solutions, Juice Energy is a key partner offering Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and the Juice Energy Subscription Service (JESS). They excel in providing specialist financing solutions for businesses, particularly those in remote or off-grid locations.


Master Electricians

MyEnergy Engineering takes pride in its association with Master Electricians, a testament to our commitment to excellence and professionalism in the electrical industry. This affiliation underscores our dedication to adhering to the highest standards of safety, quality, and expertise in all our projects. Being associated with Master Electricians signifies that our team is not only highly skilled but also stays abreast of the latest industry developments and best practices. This ensures that our clients receive top-notch service and cutting-edge solutions in all our renewable energy installations and electrical works, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted leader in sustainable energy solutions.


Victron Energy

MyEnergy Engineering partners with Victron Energy, a leading name in power electronics, to enhance our renewable energy solutions. Combining MyEnergy's expertise in sustainable engineering with Victron's advanced energy storage and management technologies, such as inverters and chargers, allows us to provide more efficient and reliable energy systems. This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable energy solutions tailored to our clients' needs.



MyEnergy Engineering is a preferred supplier of Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology. This partnership allows us to incorporate Grundfos' highly efficient and sustainable pumping solutions into our energy projects. Our collaboration signifies a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that our clients have access to the best in water technology. By integrating Grundfos' state-of-the-art products, we enhance the efficiency and environmental friendliness of our energy solutions, further establishing MyEnergy Engineering as a provider of comprehensive, green energy systems.



MyEnergy Engineering is honored to be recognized as a preferred supplier for Capricorn Society, a prestigious network in the automotive industry. This distinction highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional renewable energy solutions tailored to the unique needs of the automotive sector. Our partnership with Capricorn Society enables us to offer our cutting-edge, sustainable energy systems to a wider range of automotive businesses, supporting them in their transition to greener energy practices. This collaboration not only strengthens our presence in the industry but also aligns with our mission to drive energy efficiency and sustainability in diverse business sectors.



MyEnergy Engineering, as a preferred installer for Redflow, specializes in integrating their advanced zinc-bromine flow batteries into our energy solutions. This partnership enhances our offerings with reliable and eco-friendly energy storage, showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge, sustainable energy technologies. We're dedicated to delivering expert installation and implementation of Redflow's innovative products, enriching our renewable energy systems.

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