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Pumps are our business. Every day, our energy efficient pumps provide comfort, deliver drinking water, remove wastewater, or help farmers water their crops all over the world. Just to mention some of our expertise. We set the standard within our work areas and keep raising the bar when it comes to energy efficiency and protecting the environment. Since 1945 we’ve honed our skills in order to produce the perfect pumps. Pumps which can move liquid to where it should be – using as little energy as possible, making a real difference for the people and the world we live in.


Solar Powered Water Pumps

Grundfos offers a complete line of low-maintenance, solar powered water pumps, inverters and power blenders that deliver unmatched flexibility for irrigation and agriculture water supply and boosting applications.

MyEnergy is the South Australian distributor for Grundfos water pumps. If you would like a quote on a water pump, please contact us.

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