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Our water free incineration toilet, the Cinderella Comfort, is Cinderella Eco Group’s concept for tiny homes, granny flats, cabins and holiday homes, renowned for its sustainable and environmentally friendly design and performance, with no polluting emissions. Comfort creates a comfortable indoor environment and provides approximately the same comfortable experience as you are used to at home. Cinderella Comfort comes with an LCD display that shows notifications and status at all times. 


We named this model “Comfort” because it provides a safe, comfortable and user-friendly experience compared to other incineration toilets on the market. 


Contents include: 

Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet 

Product manual 

Cinderella original bowl liners (100 pcs) 


The installation kit contains:  

1 x Air valve 

1 x Wind Shield 

1 x Pipe cowl

1 x Elbow 87 degrees 

3 x Pipe clamps/fasteners 

2 x Pipes 500 mm 

5 x Pipe w/sleeve 1000 mm 



Installing a Cinderella is easy and requires no external tanks, water or drainage. Pipes to allow for inlet and outlet of air must be installed, and it is important that this is done in accordance with our recommendations to ensure that your toilet performs correctly. The toilet is delivered with an installation kit that contains everything you need for an optimal installation.


Alternative models: 

For those without access to electricity, or with unstable connections to a power grid, Cinderella offers a model that utilizes propane gas combined with a 12V power supply; Cinderella Freedom. This model is perfect for off grid living, for granny flats, sheds or other installations where alternative and green power is preferred. 


What is an incineration toilet?

Cinderella’s incineration toilets incinerate human waste at high temperatures, leaving only a minimal amount of sterile ash. Four people using the toilet for a week will only produce about one teacup of ash. With Cinderella Incineration Toilets, you avoid the major costs and strict regulations associated with connecting to sewage, and you can enjoy the same comfort and convenience as with a flush toilet. Since our toilets don’t require a connection to water and sewage systems, they can be installed in vulnerable natural areas and off grid. Cinderella is a total waste handling solution, no after handling. No need for further waste transport or handling, as required by other toilet systems. Learn more about incineration toilets here. 


Easy to use 

Cinderella incineration toilets are easy to use, and the Cinderella bowl liners safely transport the waste to the incineration chamber. This keeps the toilet hygienic and clean, compared to other options available on the market. Simply lift the lid and seat ring. Place an original Cinderella bowl liner in the bowl and put the seat back down. Use the toilet as you would any toilet and close the lid when you are done. Press the “flush button” and the bowl liner, with its contents, is released into the incineration chamber below. The toilet is now ready for use and the process as described can be repeated. 


Approved product 

Cinderella Comfort meets all regulatory and necessary approvals and certifications. This is extremely important for us as manufacturers and ensures that you, as our customer, receive a high quality product. Read more about our certifications here. 


Features Comfort 

  • A high quality product made in Norway 
  • Easy to use 
  • Childproof 
  • Low-noise 
  • Test-winning quality 
  • Scandinavian design 
  • LCD display with notifications 
  • Easy installation, closed air system  
  • Comfortable indoor climate, no smell 
  • Certified and approved in accordance with applicable regulations, CE-marked 
  • Large capacity: 3-4 visits per hour 
  • Complete toilet solution, burns all waste 
  • No water supply required (no indoor or outdoor tank) 
  • 3-year warranty 

Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet - Electric

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