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Maldon, Victoria

Maldon is a town in Victoria, Australia, in the Shire of Mount Alexander local government area. It has been designated "Australia's first notable town" and is notable for its 19th-century appearance, maintained since gold-rush days. At the 2016 census, Maldon had a population of 1,513.

The residential off-grid power system consists of the following:

  • Victron Energy System

  • 14kW PV Array

  • 30kWh BYD Lithium Batteries

In the year of COVID-19 nothing has been easy or normal, borders closed, delays in construction and unpredictable weather all creating the perfect storm of disarray. One constant through all of this has been My Energy, Tony Evans has been persistent in keeping in touch and monitoring our delayed build over many months while dealing with the prospect and challenges of border restrictions in commissioning our off grid system. Early December saw Nick arrive from My Energy to install the system, he nailed it in four days on his own, brilliant work, neat and tidy. I cannot recommend this company more highly, professional, committed, passionate and just good people. Just a passing comment for Nick, Mad Dog misses you!! Mike (Goldfields Central Victoria)


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