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Scalable Victron Solutions Perfectly Suited for Tiny Home Setups


The trend toward tiny houses has become a social movement. People are choosing to downsize the space they live in, simplify, and live with less. People are embracing the tiny life philosophy and the freedom that accompanies the tiny house lifestyle.

Many tiny houses are placed where there is no grid available. MyEnergy has the solution when it comes to powering a Tinyhouse.


Tiny Houses are usually made of wood, being creatively designed to maximise the utility of a small living space. The principal reasons for living in a Tiny House are to live sustainably in a financially and environmentally conscious way, whilst at the same time enjoying the resulting freedom.


Victron has everything that a Tiny House off-grid installation needs and all equipment is perfectly matched. With Victron products and services from MyEnergy Engineering, We can provide professional advice and installation.

Head to our off grid page to request a quote for a Tiny House Power System

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