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Solar Inverters

Choosing the right solar inverter is crucial for the performance and efficiency of your solar energy system. There are several factors to consider when selecting a solar inverter, such as the type and size of the solar panels, the size of the system, and the local climate. In addition, you should also consider the type of inverter technology, such as string, micro, or power optimizers, and the features offered, such as monitoring capabilities and grid compatibility. It's important to choose an inverter that is compatible with your solar panel system and can handle the expected electrical load. Additionally, a high-quality inverter can increase the overall efficiency of the system and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. Talk to us today to determine the most appropriate inverter for your specific needs and budget.

Solar Edge 

Optimised Inverter System

solar edge

SolarEdge inverters are a type of power optimizer inverter that maximizes energy production from solar panels. The SolarEdge inverter system utilizes power optimizers that are installed at the panel level to track and manage the power output of each individual panel, thereby reducing power losses and improving overall efficiency. The SolarEdge system also allows for real-time monitoring of the entire solar energy system, including individual panel performance, making it easy to identify and address any issues that may arise. In addition, the SolarEdge inverter is compatible with a variety of solar panel types and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It also features advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection, and meets strict international safety and performance standards. With its high efficiency, reliable performance, and advanced features, the SolarEdge inverter system is a popular choice among home & business owners, and solar installers alike.


Residential & Commercial Inverters

Sungrow is a leading manufacturer of solar inverters for both residential and commercial applications. Sungrow offers a wide range of inverters, including string inverters, hybrid inverters, and central inverters, which can be used in different types of solar energy systems. The Sungrow inverters are designed to maximize energy production, reduce power losses, and provide reliable performance in different weather conditions. They also come with advanced features, such as real-time monitoring, remote control, and easy installation, which make them a popular choice among solar installers and homeowners alike. Additionally, Sungrow inverters are designed to meet the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring that they operate efficiently and safely. With their high efficiency, durability, and advanced features, Sungrow inverters are a great option for both residential and commercial solar energy projects.

sungrow inverter


Residential & Commercial Inverters

fronius off grid inverter

Fronius is a well-known brand in the solar inverter industry, offering a range of inverters for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Fronius inverters are designed to provide maximum energy production and efficiency while being easy to install and maintain. They feature advanced features such as real-time monitoring, remote access, and a mobile app that allows for easy management of the system. Fronius inverters also offer superior durability, with robust construction and the ability to operate in harsh weather conditions. In addition, they are highly compatible with a wide range of solar panel types and configurations, making them a popular choice among solar installers. Fronius is committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, which is reflected in their inverters' energy efficiency and their production process. Overall, Fronius inverters are a reliable and high-performance option for residential and commercial solar energy systems.

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