SolarEdge is one of the world’s fastest growing solar inverter manufacturers. The company is based in Israel and supplies a wide range of inverters for residential, commercial and small utility-scale solar installations, along with a range of optimisers and energy storage products.

SolarEdge is rather unique among Inverter suppliers as they do not manufacture conventional string solar inverters but intelligent inverter systems using power optimisers to maximise power generation at the individual panel level.

Over 1.7 million Australian rooftop solar installations use SolarEdge inverter systems. The numbers have grown rapidly as both customers and installers realise the benefits of individual panel level monitoring.


Traditional string solar inverters convert DC power from one or more strings of panels to AC which depending on the numbers of panels and other factors results in a wide range of operating voltages. The string inverters track the voltage and convert the DC to AC at the maximum power point of the entire string. This generally works very well unless there is partial shading, dirty cells or issues with one or more panels which results in the whole string power being reduced.

SolarEdge Inverters on the other hand operate at very specific voltage point and they do this by using power optimisers connected to each solar panel to supply the optimum voltage for maximum power generation. If a panel is shaded or under performing resulting in low voltage or current, the other optimisers can bypass or compensate for the poor performing panel to provide the optimum voltage to the inverter.

SolarEdge offers a range of benefits over string inverters. These include;

  • Multiple orientations on one DC string

  • Different panels on one string – ideal for upgrading old systems

  • Maximise roof space – shading in winter less of an issue

  • Can install parallel strings of unequal lengths

  • Monitoring at the individual panel, string and inverter level.

  • Remote troubleshooting via the monitoring portal


Optimisers offer a range of benefits including panel level monitoring to provide real time power generation data from every panel in a solar array. Using this technology under performing panels can be highlighted quickly and assessed for issues.

Shading is one of the most common problems with standard string inverters and rooftop solar installations, however with an optimised system if one or more panels is even partly shaded the optimisers bypass or compensate for the shaded panel/s without effecting the output of the other panels in the string.

Under shaded conditions the SolarEdge system can dramatically increase generation compared to traditional string inverter systems where shading of one panel reduces output of the whole string.

Solaredge mitigates the risk of the main factors which can result in reduced system performance on old or new installed systems.

  • Shading – Trees, buildings, poles, wires, antennas, or rooftop structures

  • Panel mismatch – manufacturing tolerances

  • Panel damage – micro cracking, hot spots or water ingress

  • Temperature difference – thermal mismatch at different times of the day

  • Soiling – Dust, snow, bird droppings or birds

  • PID – Potential voltage and current leakage issues


Residential Inverter Range

  • Single phase from 2.5 to 10.0kW - HD wave

  • 3-phase range from 5.0 to 8.0kW

  • StorEdge inverter with battery backup - 5.0 & 6.0 kW

  • StorEdge battery interface

Solaredge Storedge Inverters with Backup

The 'StorEdge' inverters are compatible with the LG Chem RESUHV batteries. Up to two batteries can be connected per inverter giving a maximum of 18.6kWh

The StorEdge inverter available in 2 sizes, 5kW & 6kW is an all-in-one hybrid inverter designed for maximising solar consumption through load shifting (self-use) and can provide back-up power to essential circuits in the event of a blackout.


SolarEdge offer a 25 year warranty on all power optimisers and an industry leading 12 year warranty on all inverters with optional extensions of 20 or 25 years.