REC is a company from Norway, They manufacture their panels in Singapore. They produce tier one panels with 10 year product and a 25 year performance warranty.   REC has an Australian office in Melbourne

REC is medium sized producer of solar panels. They shipped 1.265 gigawatts of panels in 2016.  This means they produced almost twice as much panel capacity as all of Australia installed that year.

REC produces two series of panels that are of standard size and likely to be used on residential roofs.

REC Peak Energy Panels

peak_silver_top_0 (1).jpeg

The REC Peak Energy series are similar to the majority of reliable panels on the market. Their efficiencies range from 15.2% to 16.7%. They are certified as corrosion resistant, making them suitable for installation in coastal areas. 

REC Twin Peaks Panels

REC also produces TwinPeak series panels.  They are an interesting design because they are divided into top and bottom halves and if one half is shaded it won’t affect the output of the other. This makes them more tolerant to partial shade and soiling than many other panels. But if they are installed where there is no shade it is of little benefit. And like all solar panels they perform terribly when fully shaded.

The original TwinPeak panels are 16.1% to 17.3% efficient, while TwinPeak 2 panels are 16.5% to 17.7% efficient.  They are both certified as corrosion resistant.

There is also an all black version of the TwinPeaks 2 panel that is 16.5% to 17.1% efficient. 

The companies current financial stability is solid, REC has been ranked as the panel producer least likely to go belly up.