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Cinderella Comfort Incineration toilet

Cinderella Freedom Incineration Toilet - LPG-powered

Cinderella Freedom is our LPG-powered, water free incineration toilet that incinerates all toilet waste at high temperatures, producing a minimal amount of sterile ash. It is specially adapted for areas with limited or no access to electricity. As with all toilets from Cinderella Eco Group, the Cinderella Freedom doesn’t require water or sewage, thus saving costly sewage connections and allowing for a sustainable lifestyle. Cinderella Freedom comes with an information display that provides status and other notifications. The display notifies you when the ash container needs to be emptied, in addition to signal lights and sound notifications. The display can be set to 7 different languages. 


Cinderella Freedom is based on the same high quality that characterizes the Comfort model but uses LPG gas instead of electricity to power the incineration process. This makes the Cinderella Freedom Incineration Toilet perfect for off-grid living, as it may be used in all areas where gas is preferred and areas without electric mains power. It only requires 12VDC to run the control panel and ventilation fan. 


Contents include: 

Cinderella Freedom Incineration Toilet 

Product manual 

Cinderella original bowl liners (100 pcs) 

Vent duct 

Gas fittings 

Docking station 


Flue cowl 

Reduction tee 5x4” 

Cinderella adapter 


Standard installation kit includes:

4 x vertical pipes, standard length

1 x horizontal pipe, standard length



Installing a Cinderella toilet requires no external tanks or water connection. Please note that this product should be installed by a licensed/authorized plumber/gas fitter. Always make sure that the work is conducted by professionals. A standard kit of compliant metal flue pipes is included with the Cinderella Freedom model. If you need additional pipes, we recommend you consult your dealer.


Easy to use 

Cinderella incineration toilets are easy to use, and the Cinderella bowl liners safely transport the waste to the incineration chamber. This keeps the toilet hygienic and clean, compared to other options available on the market. Simply lift the lid and seat ring. Place an original Cinderella bowl liner in the bowl and put the seat back down. Use the toilet as you would any toilet and close the lid when you are done. Press the “flush button” and the bowl liner, with its contents, is released into the incineration chamber below. The toilet is now ready for use and the process as described can be repeated. 


Cinderella’s water free incineration toilets have been on the market for 25 years and are renowned for their sustainable, eco-friendly design and performance, with no polluting emissions. 


Approved product 

The Cinderella Freedom AUS/NZ has been extensively tested by Underwriters Laboratory in accordance with the Global-Mark certification scheme. The toilet is tested and certified to the Gas Safety standard AS/NZS 5263.0. Read more about our certifications here. 


Features Cinderella Freedom 

  • Perfect for areas where gas is preferred or where no mains power is available 
  • 230V mains power not required 
  • Requires 12V DC, LPG gas supply, and inlet/outlet air 
  • A high quality product made in Norway 
  • Easy to use 
  • Informative LCD display 
  • Simple emptying of ash container 
  • A total waste solution, no after-handling 
  • Capacity: 3-4 visits per hour 
  • No water supply or installation of indoor / outdoor tank required 
  • Reliable operation
  • No odors 
  • 3-year warranty
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