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Off-grid Power Installation | Laura, SA

Solar Off-grid Power System Shed Installation
Off-grid Power System Shed Installation, Laura SA

Located in the South Australian outback, 40 km east of Port Pirie, the town of Laura is rich in history and charm. Established in 1852, this former copper mining town offers a glimpse into the state's pioneering past. Today, Laura continues to thrive, attracting those looking for a unique and peaceful escape.

The MyEnergy team recently completed an off-grid solar power system for a new home to be constructed in Laura. Like many installations, the shed is the first structure built on site. Having power during the construction phase saves the builder from running a generator, reducing fuel costs and reducing the cost of the builder. The project involved a Victron Energy Off Grid Power System installed inside the shed, ready for connection once the house build is complete. This setup guarantees reliable power and offers the flexibility to scale the system as energy requirements evolve.

Key Components of the Stand-Alone Power System:

  • Quattro 48/10000 Inverter Charger

  • Cerbo GX

  • 15kW Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels

  • AC Coupled Fronius Primo Inverter

  • DC Coupled Smart Solar MPPT Charge Controller

  • 21kWh Pylontech Battery Storage

By tailoring each component to the customer's power requirement, the MyEnergy team ensures our customer enjoys dependable, scalable off-grid power, day and night.


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