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Madura Plains Station, WA

Solar Off-grid Power Installation, Madura Plains, WA
Solar Off-grid Power Installation, Madura Plains Station WA

Madura Plains Station, located on the Nullarbor Plain along the Eyre Highway between Norseman and Ceduna, has a history dating back to the late 19th century. This remote station, characterised by its treeless horizon and open sky, began drilling bores and wells in the 1890s to access underground water essential for survival. These water sources have supported livestock and wildlife, demonstrating the resilience needed in this isolated area.

The station primarily farms cattle and sheep for meat and wool production, with their hardy nature suiting the arid landscape. The MyEnergy team provided a comprehensive off-grid energy solution for Madura Plains Station, including the homestead and three remote bore sites. The systems feature inverters/chargers, solar panels, high-capacity batteries and backup generators, ensuring maximum lifespan and efficiency.

This solar off-grid energy system installation included:

Madura Plains Station Homestead

  • Standalone Power System:

  • 45kVA Three Phase Victron Quattro Inverters.

  • 96kWh Pylontech Batteries.

  • 44.28kW array of Trina 415w Solar Panels.

  • All housed in an insulated, air-conditioned shipping container.

Remote Bore Sites 

  • Three Standalone Power Systems:

  • 24kVA Three Phase Victron Quattro Inverters.

  • 42kWh Pylontech Batteries per site.

  • 29kW of Trina 415w Solar Panels.

  • All components housed in IP-rated, air-conditioned cabinets.

Additional Supplies

  • Generators:

  • Backup generators ensure uninterrupted power during low solar yield or high energy consumption.

The MyEnergy team’s expertly designed and installed systems resulted in a robust and efficient energy solution for both the homestead and bore sites.


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