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Mount Barry Station, SA

Mount Barry Station is situated on the Kempe Road, 100 km northeast of Coober Pedy and is 4920 square km in size.


Until the 1940s, much of Mount Barry was part of the Cootanoorina Run, which was run in conjunction with Nilpinna Station. At that time, they ran cattle and were also one of many stations that held the horse breeding stock for the Australian Army. 

In 1932, G & AE Brooks Ltd purchased Nilpinna and Cootanoorina. They in turn sold to Ross Scobie and Bob and Rona Kempe in 1946. In about 1948 the lease was split and Bob and Rona Kempe took Mount Barry that Rona Kempe named after a hill, Mount Barry, 40 km west of the homestead. The homestead was established at its current site.

In December 1981 the Williams family purchased Mount Barry Station.

The off-grid power system consists of the following:

  • Victron Inverter Chargers

  • 27kW of DC and AC coupled PV solar using Smart Solar chargers

  • Fronius Inverter

  • Cerbo GX for online monitoring & remote access

  • Pylontech Lithium Batteries


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