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Gammon Ranges, SA

Gammon Ranges South Australia (SA) Outback Sunset
Sunset at Wertaloona Station, Gammon Ranges - South Australia

The Gammon Ranges is a dramatic landscape of towering peaks. Nestled within this rugged terrain lies Wertaloona Station, a historic landmark established in the mid-1850s as a pastoral lease. It's one of the largest holdings in South Australia, boasting a rich legacy that stretches back over a century.

A recent project brought the MyEnergy Engineering team to this remarkable area. Our team added 23kW of solar panels to the station's existing off-grid system, significantly reducing their reliance on diesel. This upgrade not only supports the station's daily operations but also protects the beautiful landscape of the Gammon Ranges. By embracing renewable energy, Wertaloona is leading the way in sustainable practices (and reduced diesel costs) in one of Australia's most iconic settings.

MyEnergy completed an off-grid system upgrade consisting of:

  • Additional 23kW of solar expansion to an existing off grid power system we had previously installed.


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