Many remote properties and facilities can not cost effectively access the electricity grid. For these locations an off-grid (or standalone) solar system provides the most cost effective access to electricity. As electricity costs rise the value of off-grid electricity is being more broadly considered. There are many living in and around our cities and towns that have also jumped off the grid and gone standalone. In the coming years it would be reasonable to expect many others to remove themselves from the grid and become power self sufficient.

MyEnergy has been designing and installing Off Grid energy systems since 2010 and can assist in the design, install and maintenance of all off grid solar systems.

If your considering an off grid system or require support managing an installation, we can help!

The key factors that we investigate prior to submitting our quote include:

  • Design/size of the system

  • Customers Energy (kWh) and peak power (kW) usage.

  • Existing Energy cost (Example - fuel consumption, maintenance, cost of downtime)

  • Energy saving and efficiency measures.

  • Load scheduling and load shedding - This is a key factor that can reduce system size and cost.

  • Location, accessibility, permitting requirements and other sensitivities.


This is the most important step before considering going 'Off Grid'!! The more we know about your 'energy profile', the more accurate we can be with your system design/costing, and to make sure we will be able to deliver the right amount of power to meet your requirements. 

There are various ways to arrive at an energy profile. These include:

  • Prepare a load list of every fixed electrical device and also appliances that can be plugged-in. rating, frequency and duration of operation needs to be defined. We can send an EXCEL sheet to help build the load list and load profile.                                                                                                                              

  • Install a Energy Monitor at the main electrical distribution board that will measure the energy, power usage, power factor for a prolonged duration. This device is non invasive and takes just a few minutes to install. The recorded data can then be analysed by MyEnergy remotely via local wifi or the mobile network, or alternatively, the logged data can be downloaded when the tracker is collected. For large scale projects we can install a Energy Monitor at a nominal fee to cover the equipment hire and electrician call-out.   

  • Provide Generator logs comprising daily fuel consumption, gen-set nameplate rating/details, daily run hours, etc. This should be provided with a load list as defined above, and in particular assessment of the peak power demand 

Energy Profiling is the most important stage in the 'Off Grid' system design and proposal process.