LONGi Panels are new to the Australian market however they are a Chinese based company that has been growing since they were founded in the year 2000. LONGI have an Australian Base in Sydney should any of their customers need to contact them - this can give the customer a sense of security should they ever have an queries or issues with their product. They specialise in Monosilicon Solar Panels and are currently one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

LONGi are 1 of 7 companies in the Silicon Module Super League. This group of 7 companies produce over a whopping HALF of the world’s solar panels. They’re also classified as a ‘Tier 1’ panel. This means that all parts of the panel are manufactured by LONGi and no parts are imported or filtered through other companies - this guarantees quality.

At MyEnergy we use the 370w HPH model which means that you get more production with less panels. The LONGi Panel has a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.


LONGi Panels are the best of both worlds. They’re some of the most affordable panels on the market, matched with their great performance. To say the least, LONGi products are quite competitive. Typically they have higher efficiencies better than other panels at a similar price point. For example the Longi LR4-60HPH 370w has an efficiency rating of 20%.

The LONGi Panel is better suited to Australian conditions than a “Poly” Panel because we get very cold temperatures in Winter and very hot temperatures in Summer. LONGi only produce Mono Perc Panels so you are in safe hands. If you need a panel that works in the heat of summer and the cold of winter consider a LONGi 370w Panel.

If it ever comes to the point that you want to add a battery to your system, having the LONGi Panel makes it a seamless transition. This is thanks to the PV systems high conversion efficiencies these panels that make the LONGi Panel a great choice if you are considering adding energy storage or claiming feed in tariffs.