Australia pays some of the highest electricity costs in the world! We also live in one of the most sunny countries in the world! Solar should be everywhere and everyday more & more people are making the switch to reduce their environmental impact and save on their energy costs! 

Solar Panels allow you to generate your own power from the sun. This reduces your need on the grid electricity, which in turn reduces your cost. What you don't use is exported back to the grid, and depending your electricity provider, they will provide you with compensation (feed-in tariff) for what is sent to the grid. Tariff's for feed-in can range from 10c to 22c a kilowatt/hour depending on the provider.

The other factor that helps pay for solar is the commonwealth incentive, known as Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC). The way the STC operates is pretty complex but to put it simply, you are paid upfront for the power that you generate and in turn the carbon you offset over the life of the system.

MyEnergy has been installing solar since 2010. Our advice is professional, its based on the knowledge and experience gained from having installed thousands of systems. Our systems are built with quality components from the industries best manufacturers and accordingly they deliver outstanding value and reliability over the life of the system.

Every job is different! There are no out of the box solutions when it comes to renewable energy and energy storage. Every requirement be it grid connected, or off grid/standalone, is unique. Before we turn a screw, mount a panel, drop a battery in place, we need to understand your requirement and we want you to have clear expectation of what your system will deliver both in terms of performance, and financially.

Being local South Aussies, our business is about relationships. We care about our customers and we value the opportunity to engage with them. We are local, we live around the corner and we work all over this state. We don’t hide behind a call center or a automated phone system. You can call us and talk direct. When you choose MyEnergy Engineering for your system we understand that there is, from that point in time, a commitment on our part and that commitment doesn’t end when your jobs done.  


MyEnergy will quote you an "out of pocket price"; this is the price of the system after the STC rebate has been applied.


As everyone’s needs are different and the generation potential of solar power differs from site to site. The MyEnergy team have designed and installed Residential Grid connected PV systems from 1 kW to 40kW. Our Systems are tailored to your needs and are designed on your current requirements and we also look at what your future requirement may be. We put the effort in early so you get the right system, the first time!

Systems vary in cost depending on a variety of factors. Inverter Quality, Module Quality and difficulty of installation. We take all of these factors into consideration when pricing you installation.

We will come up with a customised solution and supply you with all the design and performance information for you to make an informed decision about what solar system is right for you.