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MyEnergy Engineering have available for hire a range of trailer mounted, ultra quiet, fuel-efficient, diesel-powered generators. The trailer mounted sets provide lower transport costs and simplify handling at site. Our generators are manufactured with a secure and durable enclosure with sound proofing that makes for ultra quiet operation. These fuel efficient generators can be fueled with bio diesel (B10, B20, B50 or B100), reducing emissions and enhancing a site or events green credentials.

The generators in the MyEnergy Engineering rental fleet can provide reliable power for:

  • Events - Sporting, Music, Arts and/or Community

  • Construction Sites

  • Temporary Offices

  • Standby / Backup Power

Trailer Mounted Generators available for hire - pick up or Delivery

12kVa generator

12kVa Generator

  • Prime Output: 12kVA/ 16.7Amp

  • Voltage Output: Single & Three Phase Available

  • Noise (@ 7m): 51dB(A)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 140 litre

  • Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load: 2.61l/hr

From $155/Day

37kVa generator

37kVa Generator

  • Prime Output: 37kVA/ 51.0Amp

  • Voltage Output: Three Phase 415V

  • Noise (@ 7m): 53dB(A)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 210 litre

  • Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load: 6.7l/hr

From $215/Day

50kVa generator

50kVa Generator

  • Prime Output: 50kVA/ 69.0Amp

  • Voltage Output: Three Phase 415V

  • Noise (@ 7m): 56dB(A)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 398 litre

  • Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load: 8.3l/hr

From $265/Day

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