Residential: New Installation and Retrofit

Nowadays, solar power costs less than traditional power in many markets. As the world’s leading solar energy brand, Trinasolar is the market leader in solar energy applications. Families benefit from our solar energy generation and storage solutions to obtain more reliable energy supply and lower electricity bills.

Application Mode



At Sunrise
In the morning, PV-produced solar energy is used to optimize self-consumption; excess energy is used to recharge the batteries.


When the batteries are fully charged and the system already meets self-consumption requirements; additional energy is fed to the grid.



After Sunset
When the sun goes down, the system automatically consumes solar energy reserved in the batteries to meet household consumption.


If there is insufficient battery capacity to meet household consumption requirements; electricity is obtained from the grid.

Direct current ,current Battery Solar module Battery

Direct current ,no current Energy meter Inverter Energy meter



Customer Benefits

• Passes Strict Safety Regulations (TÜV, RoHS)
• Extensively Tested Lithium Batteries
• Kid-safe

User Friendly
• 7’ Colour Touch Control Panel
• Wireless Remote Control
• App for iOS and Android

Function Diversity
• Battery Capacity Expandable
• On/Off-Grid Switch
• Back-up Function
• Island Function

Integrated Solution
• Easily Add to Existing PV Systems
• Easy Installation and Maintenance

System A: for New Installation


System Diagram


System B: PV Storage

System Diagram


System C: Retrofit to Existing PV System


System Diagram