Testing and Cleaning your System regularly helps to maintain optimum performance and give you the maximum returns on your investment.

Options - 

  • Six month Clean

  • Two Year Clean & Inspection

  • Five Year INspection & CERTIFICATION/Compliance 

Solar Panel Six Month Cleaning

Have your solar modules (panels) visually inspected and cleaned. 
Dust, dirt, leaves, salt, animal dropping and other debris can significantly reduce your systems energy production.  Solar modules should be cleaned! A good shower on rain can help clean modules but in South Australia rain and particular heavy rain is not a common event.  In any case consider what your car windscreen looks like after it rains. The result is usually a thin layer of dirt spread across the windscreen. Same will apply to your solar modules. Rain is not overly effective in cleaning solar modules.
You can clean your solar modules yourself using a cloth and/or water. If you are going to clean your own modules there are two risks to your safety that you need to consider:

  1. Most modules are roof top installed so there is the risk of a fall.
  2. Water conducts electricity hence there is the risk of an electric shock.

There is also potential for damage being done to your modules during cleaning.  Cool water on hot glass can cause the modules glass surface to crack.
Why not eliminate the risks and take up our MyEnergy “Module Clean Service”.  The service includes:

  1. Clean of solar modules.
  2. Check of any shading or other potential obstructions.
  3. Visually inspection of modules mounting components.
  4. Check and log of inverter data.
  5. Summary Report of the service

Solar Panel Two Year Cleaning

A PV solar system is for most households and businesses a significant investment. To ensure your systems lifespan and performance are maximised and that it is operating safely it pays to have your system periodically serviced. Check the warranty documentation provided by your system retailer. Some warranties specify an inspection period and if not met warranties may be voided. If warranties are not specific we recommend a system inspection and service every two (2) years.
Our electricians have the installation and maintenance experience to identify and rectify pv solar system issues before they become a significant and costly problem.
Ensure your systems performance and safety with a MyEnergy “System Service”. The service includes:

  1. Inspection of modules for defects or damage.
  2. Check of module mounting system components for corrosion or damage and verify tension of clamps and brackets.
  3. Check of array cabling for heat, uv, vermin or mechanical damage and securing of any loose or hanging cables.
  4. Inspection of all cable connections.
  5. Check of the integrity of all conduits and cable entry points.
  6. Check the integrity and operation of rooftop and wall DC isolators, and the AC Solar main switch.
  7. Check the system is correctly labelled.
  8. Check string (array) voltages and currents.
  9. Check the system is earthed.
  10. Measure the integrity and performance of each string of modules with use ofIV Curve test equipment.
  11. Log inverter readings and compare production to date against design (or expectation)
  12. Detailed report of the system inspection including a list of actions taken, system measurements, and any issues that may require further action.

Solar Panel 5 Year Cleaning

Are you aware of your obligations as an owner of a pv solar system in South Australia. Check SA Power Networks Small Embedded Generation Technical Guidelines. One notable reference in the guideline in relation to compliance and monitoring is:
4.6 Compliance and monitoring

  • ensure that the small-embedded generating unit is inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If there are no applicable manufacturer’s instructions within at least 5 years after the date of installation and within 5 years after each previous inspection;

Ensure your systems performance and safety with a MyEnergy “System Service”.