Apricus Solar Hot Water

Appricus is an Australian company with a global presence, who are leaders in the design and manufacture of solar evacuated tube solar hot water systems. Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of home solar water heating products and provides MyEnergy with small-scale residential and business solar hot water systems, large-scale solar thermal heating plants, and everything in between.

The Apricus Solar Company was established in 2003 by Australian Michael Humphreys, and has grown into a global company with offices in the USA, Australia and France, supplying to more than 30 countries.

Why choose an Apricus evacuated tube system over flat panels?

Evacuated tubes work in all seasons as they can be positioned more favorably towards the sun. This means when you want higher temperatures or performance in cooler weather, evacuated tubes have a huge advantage over flat plate collectors.

• Apricus collectors passively track the sun allowing direct solar exposure from early morning to late afternoon.
• Better overall contribution in Fall/Autumn, Winter & Spring.
• Apricus systems are designed for ease of installation and assembly. No need for a crane or cherrypicker as may be required for flat plates.
• Higher variability of applications – spas/hot-tubs, heating support, solar cooling.
• Easier to maintain – in the event of a damaged tube(s) simply remove and replace.

Why Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Specialists in the manufacturing and supply of Solar Evacuated Hot Water Systems
  • Apricus own and manage its own production plant
  • Highest quality products with constant innovation
  • A strong focus on solar power
  • Australian owned
  • A young & vibrant company
  • Honest price point
  • Hydraulic Engineering project support
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Aftermarket Service department
  • Huge scope for growth

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