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MyEnergy has been designing and installing Off Grid energy systems for 30 years and can assist in the design, install and maintenance of all off grid solar systems.

If you’re considering an off grid system, we can help!

Their are some key factors that we need to investigate prior to submitting our quote include:

  • Design/size of the system required

  • Your (kWh) and peak power (kW) usage. This can be achieve by a excel spreadsheet that we can send to you!

  • Existing Energy costs (Example - fuel consumption, maintenance, cost of downtime)

  • Energy saving and efficiency measures that can be implemented to bring the cost and size of the system down.

  • Load scheduling and load shedding - This is a key factor that can reduce system size and cost.

  • Location, accessibility, permitting requirements and other sensitivities.

MyEnergy only designs and installs the industries best and most reliable products;

Here are some of our recent Installations:

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