Caravans and RV Energy Systems

At MyEnergy we can install power systems for mobile homes, caravans, RV’s, camper trailers, boats and even coffee and food vending units. When travelling and staying in remote areas, your solar caravan requires energy systems that can operate without mains backup. The biggest advantage is the independence of not being reliant on the main grid when travelling. It will give you the freedom to go wherever you want and still have usable power.

It is vital that all systems function flawlessly in the extreme conditions of moving around Australia. At MyEnergy we partner with Victron Energy to offer you such an answer. We are proud to offer you our modern translation for freedom and independence. Energy. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Benefits of an off grid Caravan / RV

  • Australia, especially in the inland and northern areas, has some of the best solar energy resource in the world, which will provide regular and reliable solar power.
  • Save money and travel for longer periods of time by avoiding caravan/tourist parks and or fees associated with powered sites.
  • Have the option of staying in remote locations, avoiding crowds and noise, for pro-longed periods of time.
  • Complete Power Independence
  • Increase the re-sale value of your RV
  • Reduce & even eliminate the need for noisy and polluting fuel generators
  • Long lasting durable energy equipment, designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions and shocks associated with travel.