HITACHI is an acknowledged leader in the field of industrial advanced valve
regulated lead acid batteries for storage of renewable energy. The HITACHI LL
Industrial Battery Series has been developed under an extensive R&D program
supported by the HITACHI Central Research laboratory. Using modern simulation
technologies, HITACHI was able to design an inner mechanical structure that would
provide for even current flow and thus avoiding any hotspots inside the battery.

Requirements of renewable energy sources such as wind and PV power often occur in change of current flow direction in the battery. Therefore the batteries are often operated at Partial State Of Charge. The HITACHI LL Batteries have been specifically designed and tested for this type of application. Also the batteries can operate safely in an environment with an ambient temperature of 35°C average.


Positive Grid Plate
Grid Alloy (Pb-Ca-Sn) is highly corrosion
resistant. Improved grid mechanical
stability that helps to avoid deformation.

Negative Plate
Optimized additives (Carbon / Lignin)
improve charge efficiency and reduce

The metal frame offers better heat
dissipation and convenient stacking for
space efficient installation.

Optimized grid layout that allows for
equal current flow and avoids hot spots.
This was achieved by Computer Aided
Simulation and Computer Aided Design

Inner Construction
Horizontal Plate Orientation reduces acid
layer buildup.

Active Material (Paste)
High Density Active Material that
maintains a high pressure connection
between active material and grid alloy.
Specific additives improve the adhesion
of active material to the grid alloy


Features & Benefits

  • 15 years operational field experience
  • Failure rate over 15 years operation less than 0,01%
  • Manufactured by a reliable quality brand
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Lowest storage cost per kWh extracted from the battery
  • Service Life up to 17 years
  • 5 year limited warranty available / extendable to 10 years
  • Tested and proven in PSOC operation