As electrical contractors we have installed thousands of grid connect solar systems and in doing so we have been exposed to a myriad of products and installation scenarios. We have provided installation services for a number of system retailers. In terms of product we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Our own systems from previous install experiences have led us to only promote and sell only range of products that are high quality and know will meet the ongoing needs of our customers.

Despite recent changes to feed-in arrangements in South Australia a grid connected solar system remains a good value proposition. If you are interested, contact us and we can examine that value with you.

What’s the right size system? How much will it cost?

As everyone’s needs are different and the generation potential of solar power differs from site to site. The MyEnergy team have designed and installed Grid connected PV systems from 1 kW to 500kW. Our Systems a tailored to your needs and are designed on your current requirements and we also look at what your future requirement may be. We put the effort in early so you get the right system, the first time!

Systems vary in cost depending on a variety of factors. Inverter Quality, Module Quality and difficulty of installation. We take all of these factors into consideration when pricing you installation.

We will come up with a customised solution and supply you with all the design and performance information for you to make an informed decision about what solar system is right for you.