MyEnergy Solar and Electrical (My Energy SA Pty Ltd / MyEnergy Engineering) is a South Australian Electrical Services Business based in Adelaide's southern suburbs.  MyEnergy provides residential and commercial electrical services. Whilst we engage in all types of electrical works and services, our business has a focus on Remote Area Power Systems, Grid Connected Generation Systems, Pumps, Motor Control and Fuel Generators. MyEnergy has delivered solutions and services to customers ranging from home owners, to businesses including manufacturers, medical professionals, miners, primary producers and retailers, and also to government. Work takes us across South Australia and also into Victoria and New South Wales. Over 60% of our time is spent delivering services outside of Adelaide in rural localities.

MyEnergy has personnel with electrical trade, electrical/electronic engineering and information technology qualifications and skills. Across our Electricians we hold Clean Energy Council Accreditations for installation and design in both grid connect (GC) and standalone power systems (SPS). Our crews have completed in excess of 1,600 grid connect installations ranging in capacity from 1-100kW. In addition we have designed and installed numerous remote area powers systems and hybrid (grid connect battery backup/self use) power systems. The business has also designed and installed 12/24V/48V/120V pv solar/battery systems used to power equipment including pumps, signs, lights, remote telemetry systems and, marine and recreational vehicles.

MyEnergy provides maintenance services to customers both directly and as agents of a number of manufacturers / suppliers. We have an extensive array of test equipment, which along with skills and knowledge we are able to assess, diagnose and remediate performance and serviceability issues in generation systems, solar arrays and individual solar modules. Through our maintenance work we have seen the best and worst of what this industry has delivered.

MyEnergy can assist with residential and commercial energy assessments and where required complements the service with the measurement of power and power factor for both sites and individual circuits/devices/machines. MyEnergy can supply and install power factor correction, peak shaving and backup power solutions.

In September 2015 MyEnergy purchased the business Alternative Energy Engineering (AEE). AEE has operated in South Australia for over 30 years. The AEE purchase significantly extends the base of customers that MyEnergy supports.

MyEnergy is a small business with aspirations to remain a small business; but, one that over time maintains it’s client base as it continues to deliver quality services and outcomes.

Ciaram Granger ( PGE187107, A6452607 )

Jake Kennedy ( PGE193943, A6601529 )

Wayne Granger BEng (Electronics) GDipEd MACS (Snr)